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Eight tips to tackle Mixed Games in the best way

 Many players, in addition to No Limit Hold’em , also love to learn the most popular variants in the world. From Pot Limit Omaha to Seven Card Stud , passing Omaha Hi-Lo , Razz and so on. There are truly endless mixed games in the world of poker. It is clear that to approach these games you need to have a minimum of knowledge for each of the variants gambling malaysia. For this reason, here are 8 tips to follow for those who want to face Mixed Games.


Learn the basic strategy in all games


To take part in the Mixed Games it is not necessary to be an expert on every single variant (if you are, even better). But at least, in addition to the rules, it would be ideal to know the basic strategy of each single game. A general smattering that can help you face every game with the right conduct. So a little study before sitting down is definitely a great start.


Store everything you learn at the table


After the theory you need the practice, as in all things. In mixed games there are so many things you will learn at the table: both when you play and when you are a mere spectator in the hand. Don’t throw away everything you learn and try to store every single piece of information . It will help you in the training path, burning several stages in some cases.


Strengths and weaknesses


Not all mixed games will be perfect for you. In some you will find yourself wonderful, in others you may have a few more difficulties. No fear is perfectly normal. If the former can evolve, the latter must be improved with study and practice.


Don’t always clash with the best


Remember that ego is one of the worst faults of poker players. As in No Limit Hold’em , the same is true for Mixed Games . Avoid bumping into the best if not really necessary, because bad surprises are always around the corner. If you know you are “less” strong in a certain variant, select both the hands to play with and the rivals to face . Then there will be more profitable times to challenge the best.


The image at the table


The image we give of ourselves to other players is also crucial in mixed games . If we are considered experts they will challenge us with fear, if instead we are seen as weak in some variants they will try to hammer us until we make mistakes. The image we give, however, depends only on ourselves. So we must always work to improve our game and what our opponents think of us .


Strong does not mean winning


Many players make presumptuous mistakes even in mixed games . Knowing that they are strong in some games they tend to push without brakes and there is no bigger mistake. It will happen that even the poorest at the table can have a better hand than the strong player. Therefore always act rationally and never think that you have already won, just because you are the strongest at the table. The greater the presumption, the greater the thud.


Target weak players


Once you become familiar with mixed games and variants in general, you will also be able to recognize not only your strength, but also that of your rivals. For this reason, when you find poor players at the table you will have to put them in the sights . And when the ideal opportunity presents itself, strike the decisive blow. However, referring to point 6 , also know how to brake from time to time.


Always high attention


It also happens to the best or the most experienced players in Mixed Games : to make the wrong variant because they believe they are in a certain game, while in reality they are playing another mode.