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Five Ways To Manage Tilt And Regain An Iron Mindset

Poker is based on very delicate balances .


The mental aspect is the most underestimated as well as the most important and in some cases there is no technical competence that holds when the head is elsewhere .


In this short column we have collected five methods that you can use in mmc sgd online casino, absolutely not foolproof but certainly valid , to limit the damage deriving from tilt and avoid throwing away what has been good previously.


Session under abi


Are you in a crazy vortex of bad runs , where the cards seem to only turn in your opponent’s favor and you are almost afraid to bet ?


The solution is very simple, even if counter-intuitive : to regain some confidence, try playing a session widely under abi .


Spend a tenth of what you had in mind and try to give your best without worrying about the rest .


In case the misfortune continues, well, you won’t have lost much. Otherwise, a shot, even if contained, could give you some peace of mind .




Paragraph reserved for those who can afford to take a break during the session in progress, that is spinner and cash – gamer .


A prolonged pause after losing a given number of buy-ins / stakes is the oldest and most effective remedy ever .


Making important decisions with a smoky head simply means giving half of what you are able to do, if not less.


Overcall, overfold, brace and so on and so forth: poker must be taken with serenity or the risk of throwing everything upside down is always around the corner


Therapeutic tank


Tilt often causes the player to make decisions too quickly, without actually thinking about the pros and cons of the action one is planning to do.


That is why, in order to maintain full control of the mental faculties and emotions, a nice therapeutic tank is a resource that should not be underestimated.


Think at least 10 seconds before making any decision, time is all there and no one runs after you, but above all you will do an exercise in self-control as simple as it is complex to perform on tilt .


Therapeutic Fold


A very practical and in some ways absurd advice that cash gamers adopt to recover from moments of bad run is just that: sit at a table with a very low limit, play an hour and pass the whole top range preflop .


You got it right: AA / KK / QQ and AK will equate to 2-7 / 2-8 / 2-9 / 2-10.


Behind this apparent madness there is a very specific goal : to regain control of oneself. It is not poker that decides but us, and if we want we can also move to the best hand in the game .


At least you can’t say that the Aces or the Kapponis have exploded even at the microlimits!


Don’t open other tables


Advice reserved for tournament players : if the session is not going well from a mindset point of view, it is better not to open other tables .


We all know the temptation to recover everything immediately , just as we know well how few times it has happened to do the session of life completely on tilt .


The main goal is always the same: to maintain control and optimize resources.


If you still have a few tournaments, try to focus on those and put a stone on them, tomorrow will be another day! Try your newly learnt methods here at!